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0201's on a VERY thin .010

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0201's on a VERY thin .010 | 21 January, 2013

I am looking at assembling a relatively small baord, but it is very thin and precise. It is .010" FR4, with 1oz copper two sides.

** Components are only on one side**

It has some 0201's and a .4mm pitch BGA among other leadless packages. Whereas printing this on .062" FR4 would fine, but not trivial, I am concerned this thin a laminant will definitely require a carrier support - and that the carrier support may need to incorporate 'releif' for the bottom side traces to ensure a very accruate and FLAT print surface is maintained. I think because of the thin laminant the Fused Solder Sipad process might be very beneficial for this project. Any commments and experiences please chime in

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0201's on a VERY thin .010 | 21 January, 2013

I agree, you will likely need a carrier being that thin. without seeing the trace layout I’m not sure about relieving the carrier to accommodate them. if evenly distributed you shouldn’t to go that far. Are parts on both sides of the board? Don’t make the panel to large as it will likely bow and twist being that thin and having that thick of cu in it.

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0201's on a VERY thin .010 | 21 January, 2013

A good fixture is the key here. The first side should be easier than te second(if double sided). In both cases I will try to level the top of the board with the top of the fixture. Try to lock with pins comming from the fixture to the PCB holes. This way you can rely on a good support for printing process and placing the parts

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