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solder paste solvent

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solder paste solvent | 22 January, 2013

Dear people... good day to everyone. we need to know what kind of liquid we can use like solder paste solvent. Thank you

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solder paste solvent | 24 January, 2013

I'm not aware of a solder paste solvent.

What do hope to accomplish with such a material? May be we can suggest an alternative.

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solder paste solvent | 30 January, 2013

I think, the target is one - restore the properties of solder paste. Fluxing properties, adhesive ability is main.

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solder paste solvent | 30 January, 2013

Restoration of the fluxing properties? Can't see adding a liquid flux to a solder paste (assumed expired shelf life) in order to "restore" anything. If the volatiles in the original paste are gone, then adding more carriers and volatiles will not produce quality results. Seems like you might wind up with a less than optimal metal content in your paste at best, and a smoking, flux residue covered messy non soldered board at the worst.

Never tried it, and won't!

Maybe the target is to remove dried solder paste from existing equipment that needs cleaning? Try alcohol. Lets hope so!

Maybe I missed something? 'hege

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solder paste solvent | 30 January, 2013

Solvent makes me think of dissolve which leads me to cleaning something. If you are trying to clean stencils, blades, etc. try this link to the product we use:

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solder paste solvent | 30 January, 2013

In response to hegemon...

This is not a recommended practice but..... We have added a few drops of water soluble flux to our water soluble solder paste when the paste is on the stencil. This was after the paste had "dried" out a bit. We have had good results but the key is to not add too much extra flux. Adding too much makes the paste runny which gives you a poor print job. Also, we did this with relatively larger SMT components/pads. The extra flux causes more slump (which can lead to bridging) if you use too much so I wouldn't try it with really small and/or fine pitch components.

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solder paste solvent | 30 January, 2013

To dyoungquist - I understand that situation. I can see where that is possible in the case that your paste has gone a bit dry. As you said, not neccessarily the recommended practice, and yes your print regularity can go out the door.

However, I think I was speaking more to the possibility that the OP was "re-hydrating" mostly or completely dried paste, which would be a no-no for sure, or cleaning dried paste from the surface of something.

Maybe the OP (original poster)can elighten a bit?

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