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FUJI SMEMA | 27 January, 2013

Could anyone help to connect a FUJI CP42 machine to a conveyer with stanard SMEMA? CP42 has 2 wire cable and small female connector label SMEMA (Not fit with stanard SMEMA). Thank you for all your help, -Michael

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FUJI SMEMA | 28 January, 2013

It's been a long time since I did this. I think if you get a cable (maybe from some of the used equipment dealers that advertise here) you will still need to change the contacts of the relay the Fuji uses. I think they use a normally closed set of contacts on the relay and you want the normally open ones. I may be backwards but you should be able to tell by trying it. If you cannot get a cable with the Fuji connector you could hard wire a standard cable in. Jerry

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FUJI SMEMA | 29 January, 2013

We do sell the cables that will connect your conveyor to the Fuji CP 42. Contact Larry in our parts department. 281-259-9660

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FUJI SMEMA | 30 January, 2013

So that would be Larry the Cable Guy? Hmmm

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FUJI SMEMA | 30 January, 2013

Now that's one I haven't heard yet!

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