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Training plan for SMT Operator

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Training plan for SMT Operator | 4 February, 2013

Dear All, I'm asking for the complete training plan for SMT equiment operator who uses DEk solder paste printing machine, MyData M19 and the Flextronix Oven for the large scale production industry level. Could someone please recommend me what the responsibilities and the training plan should be for an SMT operator? Your inputs are very helpful to me and I'm appreciate very much for your advises and your experiences. Thanks in advance.

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Training plan for SMT Operator | 4 February, 2013

This is a very common question, I can relate to your question I have here almost the same setup on the smt line, printer a DEK, MY12 and an awful versatronics oven, about the question about the responsibilities, here the operator has only the knowledge for the operation of the machine, for example on the DEK : - Loading a program - change squeegees - calibrate squeegees height - paste load - change stencil - how to do home on the print carriage ( we use a lot of different support plates for different models) just the basic stuff to make the machine work

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Training plan for SMT Operator | 5 February, 2013


you will train him exactly as much as you want him to know. Do you have somebody who makes all the programs and tunes the machines for each product? If so let him just load feeders and push the green button. I have worked on different places and have seen different ways of doing it. At some places operators will do everything, besides creating pick and place programs and reflow profiles. At other places they will call technician or engineer for any type of machine or process failure. They will literally just push the green button. I personally like my operators to know machines to some extend. I will let them do some troubleshooting - they should be able to make a full changeover and run most of the old products without calling anybody. However I don't have technicians.

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Training plan for SMT Operator | 14 February, 2013

I agree with Evitmov, I like to train the operator to do as much as possible, specially with the Changeovers, if they are responsible to load & adjust feeders, they will do it in the right way, if not it will be difficult for themselves to run the machine, I remember oto have different operator for changeovers and for running the line, it was a mess because they were blaming each others. If you use visual aids or other documentation for their reference be as specific as possible with good examples of what is good and what is bad, it worked fine for me in the past. Good luck

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