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MPM UP2000 Hardware Limit

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MPM UP2000 Hardware Limit | 15 February, 2013

We have a MPM UP2000. We are getting a hardware limit error when we turn the machine on and try to reset. The F14 fuse blows every time we replace it. The downstop is the first axis that it tries to go through but we get this error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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MPM UP2000 Hardware Limit | 16 February, 2013

Have you done a post-mortem on the blown fuse?

Assuming it is a glass fuse, if it is all black around the glass then replacing the fuse will be pointless. (the new fuse will just blow again, making a black mark or BLACKER mark all around the glass)

What happens when you turn on equipment, current flows through the fuse the fuse wire heats up and expands, when you turn it off the wire contracts. After a few hundred times the wire breaks (mental fatigue)and there will be no black mark left on the inside of the glass.

Also some times a fuse will need to be a "slow blow" fuse used for say charging a filter capacitor in a switch mode power supply (this is why is is better to put the fuse after the filter capacitor to stop the inrush of current needed to charge the filter capacitor)

And so replacing a "slow blow" (or time lag) fuse with a fast blow fuse will be pointless, it will just blow straight away when there is nothing wrong with the equipment. If the original fuse was a slow blow fuse it might have (T) stamped on the end.

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MPM UP2000 Hardware Limit | 20 February, 2013

Hi, hopefully I am too late, it is fixed and you are up and running. Have you tried MPM support on the phone?

We have 2 older MPM's and the blow the driver modules in the bottom drawer on the back of the machine. There are different drivers for different axis moves.

They usually have a small (4 to 6 pin?) connector that is burnt up with melted plastic. They still may be working. Sometimes an axis will have problems the day prior to the full break down.

You should be able to losen the 2 allen heads and pull up the driver cards and glance at them for burnt connectors.

In some cases you can swap the driver (matching the dip switch config) and start to reset your machine until the bad axis driver has to function.

If it is burnt there is no point in swapping, just order in the new one.

hope this helps.

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MPM UP2000 Hardware Limit | 21 February, 2013

Thank you so much. We actually did get the machine up and running yesterday morning. We switched the theta and the transport driver cards and it is working now. We have had the connectors burn on us in the past and replaced them. I am hoping the problem we had was possibly the connectors needed to be reseated but we may possibly have an axis card getting weak as an associate has told us. I have tried calling speedline before for help but didn't get too far. Is that who you call for Tech Support?

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MPM UP2000 Hardware Limit | 29 March, 2013

Sorry I am late on this thread, just became a member and was scanning through the posts. I am a former FSE for Speedline, now independant, so all this stuff is my bread and butter. Here are some facts that could help you all in the future.

MPM printers: A Hardware limit means one of axis is in a limit sensor! A Software limit means the machine is expecting to go to a position that it is not supposed to move to, so it will not move! All UP2000 models probably will have 5 amp slow blow fuses (MDA) for all the driver cards. Driver cards for a UP2000 are all the same(unless you have a very early one with large black driver cards). The exception to this is the Tactile driver card!!! You would only have this card if you have above mounted tactile assy. The connections for all drivers could be green, black or direct connect (the newest). You can interchange any of the other cards as long as you change the dip switches correctly (the switches set current and step size). Speedline should help if your the original owner of the equipment, if not they may throw you a bone, but otherwise you might have to register the machine with them before getting help. There are advanced ways to troubleshoot motion issues if you have access to the "calibrate" log on, then the machine does not have to be reset. But you have to know what you are doing or you can crash the machine and end up with a bigger mess. Axis issues, liked burned drivers can be avoided in a lot of cases by proper machine service, machine calibrations and training so it's not being misused! The last UP2000 Elite was built about 6-7 years ago so your driver cards are getting old and you should expect them to fail at random (many last 15-20 yrs). I would have at least one in your stock!

I hope this info is helpful to you guys in the future!

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