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Conformal Coating Equipment

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Conformal Coating Equipment | 19 February, 2013

My company is starting to look into Conformal Coating Equipment. From preliminary talks it sounds like we would like to use a UV material. I have a few question I was hoping as a group you all would be able to pass along some insight.

1. Do any of you use a UV material? If so do you have one you would recommend?

2. Other than Specialty Coating Systems (SCS), Precision Valve Automation (PVA), and Nordson Asymtek are there any other manufactures of machines we should look at?

3. Do you have any words of wisdom you can pass along about selective conformal coat?

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Pete B


Conformal Coating Equipment | 19 February, 2013

We use a number of conformal coating materials. When you say you think you want to use a UV material do you mean UV cure, or just material with a UV trace for inspection purposes?

For selecting appropriate materials take a look at IPC-HDBK-830. Keep in mind the performance you want from the coating, compatibility with other assembly materials(fluxes, encapsulants etc.)

When looking at selective coating consider machine capability for the areas you want to coat and any keepout requirements. Also component topography.

There is quite a bit of info in the SMTnet archives also.

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Conformal Coating Equipment | 19 February, 2013

We've had great success with acrylic based cut with xylene. Very accurate with little to no masking necessary for keepout areas, very rarely have to make adjustments on our Asymtek.

On the other hand we have an Asymtek dedicated for silicone coating that I constantly have to adjust and clean sprayers.

It all depends on the application or your customers needs.

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Conformal Coating Equipment | 20 February, 2013

Hey Bill, it really depends on the material you're looking at using UR, SR, AR, the easiest to deal with being AR, although if you can find a UR that doesn't clog up the machine too bad those are usually more viscous and easier to apply selectively using a machine since the material tends to stay where you put it more often.

I've used PVA in the past, which was alright. But the best machine I've used was by far the Asymtek with the jet head.

Also, if you're going to coat boards make sure you guys have a good way to get the boards clean, really clean, otherwise you'll just chase your tail with de-wetting and adhesion of the coating.


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Conformal Coating Equipment | 23 February, 2013

Too bad you couldn't make it to the APEX show. Lots of equipment, and coating experts on hand. To answer your questions:

1. Yes, multiple brands, as well as non-UV cure. 2. Yes, there are. What you choose really depends on a lot of other info. 3. Yes, lots. Too much to put in a quick answer here so I sent you a PM.


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