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J-STD-001 Solder Iron Control

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J-STD-001 Solder Iron Control | 23 February, 2013

Appendix A2 of the standard says: ----------------------------------- B. Temperature controlled soldering equipment (at rest) should be controlled within +/- S'C [+/- 9'F] of the idle tip temperature. Constant output (steady output) tools in compliance with A-2a, d, e, & f may also be used.

**I interpret this to mean that an iron sitting in a holder should be within the specified range of the actual temp setting of the iron. This is pretty straightforward, I think. --------------------------------------- C. Operator selected or rated temperatures of soldering systems at idle/standby should be within +/- 15C [+/- 27F] of actual measured tip temperature.

**I've recently had a customer auditor (also certified instructor) tell me that this section (C) means that the iron needs to control the set temp within the 27d during the soldering operation. That doesn't jive with what it says IMO as they refer to an idle/standby condition. On the other hand it appears to conflict with item B above as it looks like 2 different ranges specified for the same conditions (idle/standby).

-------------------------------------------- In the end, I want to have our process setup to meet the standard. Help with interpretation from folks who have setup procedures to meet the standard would be appreciated.


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