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Quad Align Head

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Quad Align Head | 3 March, 2013

Hi, I just returned from vacation, I left some unfinished business I should resume. Our Quad 4c has a broken Align head (I was able to diagnose this problem thanks to the help of mr. Bobpan). Just after my first posting, I was e-mailed by PPM and I responded back to them, also I have sent a quotation request for this part... three times... no response. Also I contacted to TE Connectivity and Arrow, both companies have branches in Argentina (we are current clients of Arrow). Both firms were kind to respond to me. The problem is that since the part is obsolete, they don't have pieces in stock. So PPM guys, if you are interested in sale or repair a QUAD ALIGN HEAD, please, contact to me. My ears are open to anybody able to offer a solution. Thanks.

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Quad Align Head | 4 March, 2013


Quad Align Head | 4 March, 2013

I apologize about this. We have sent you over a quote today, we do have all of the parts in-stock and can repair your Quad Align. Please call 9AM-5PM EST or email us anytime.

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Quad Align Head | 4 March, 2013

Thanks for the contact, I just received the quote, never is too late. I must apologize too, since I consider I have committed excessive vehemence. Also my english is a bit limited, so some of my expressions might seem harsh (I do speak and think in spanish).


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