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Samsung CP11 manuals

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Samsung CP11 manuals | 8 March, 2013

Hi, does anyone have a copy of the manuals for a Samsung CP11 that they would be willing to send me? I recently purchased a CP-11E but it didn't include the manuals. I appreciate anything anyone has available.

Thanks, Rob

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Samsung CP11 manuals | 26 March, 2013

I think the CP11 model machine might be a little uncommon. Would anyone be willing to share a pdf for the Quad 1000? The Quad 1000 was based on this machine's predecessor, the Samsung CP10. They look very similar so I think the manual would help.

Thanks, Rob

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Larry Groves


Samsung CP11 manuals | 18 April, 2013

Sorry Rob, these are really old. I thought they were all gone. I dont have a manual anymore. do you have a specific question about it?

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Larry Groves


Samsung CP11 manuals | 24 April, 2013

I actually found an original manual. As its likely the last one in the world we will have to figure a way for you to copy it and get it back to me. give me a call 2673748173

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