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CSM 84VZ Programming Question

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CSM 84VZ Programming Question | 19 March, 2013

Any CSM84 geniuses out there?

I've been working on these machines for about six months now, after spending 10 years on MyData's. I'm adjusting to the way the CSM's see the world, but, have run into something that I could use an assist with.

I'm having an issue with boards being rotated in the work area. The board origin is lower left corner as viewed, but, when in the work area, it's rotated 90 degrees ccw, to the bottom right. It looks as though I can put a rotation in the origin screen, but, when I did that, and ran through the PIC program, I ran into a R data error (the message was something like R data is not 0). I ended up swapping the x,y data, and inverting the new x data to get my boards placed; but, I'm hoping that there's a better way to do this.

Also, I've got a challenging panelized board coming up. The customer panelized the board 10-up (5x2), but, placed the boards back to back (so, if we reference the origin (lower left as the x,y data is presented), one row of five boards has the origin in the lower right in the work area, the other row of five boards has the origin in the upper left in the work area. If I can figure out the rotation data above, I believe this will help me build these boards, without much stress. Incidentally, the x,y data that I have from the customer is 1-up data, so, I definitely need to do the step/repeat on the machine.

And, finally, a question on off-set placements. When I've run 1-up boards, I teach the origin, and then check the first placement. I then adjust the origin so that the x,y on the first placement matches the center point of the part (apparently, my eye is a couple of tenths of a mm off from the actual center of the origin fiducial). This isn't an issue; but, when I go to place, I find my parts off by about a 1/2 mm or so; consistent across the board. I can then go in and adjust the origin a little, to get the placements centered. This has worked well for me (though, it's probably not the "correct" way to do this). However, now, I'm building a panelized assembly from 1-up data. I've taught a panel origin, and then taught the 10 different board (block) origins for the panelization. However, when placing parts, my parts are going down about 1/2 mm or so high in the y dimension. Normally, I would adjust my origin point y data by 1/2 mm steps to bring the parts in to center placement; however, I've played with the panel origin point, and the individual block origin points, and they don't seem to be affecting where the parts are going down. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do to get my placements centered in this instance? I'm sure some setting can be adjusted to bring the parts in where I want them, but, for some reason, it's just not working out for me (I think it should be the block origin that I adjust, but, if I adjust it too far, the machine stops recognizing the origin point...I suspect that this was related to the relative distance between the panel origin and the block origin, but, I'm not completely sure).

Thanks for any help.

Cheers, ..rob

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