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CSM 84VZ Head Replacement

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CSM 84VZ Head Replacement | 8 April, 2013

I need to replace the number 1 head on my CSM84. The nozzle is stuck in the tube, and I haven't been able to get it out. I have, however, done a number on the nozzle while trying :)

I have a new head to put in there, but, am being stymied by the routing of the belt. There's got to be a relatively easy way to get the old head out, and route the belt into the new head.

Anyone have ideas?

Thanks, ..rob

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CSM 84VZ Head Replacement | 9 April, 2013

There is no easy way... but this is how I do it.. Origin the R axis, losen the idler bearings on the belt, remove the C clips at the top of the heads, lift up and remove the spindle assemblies being careful not to lose the 2 balls in the side of the spindle, change out the belt, put back the heads with the ball slots facing to the right hand side, refit the idler, calibrate the machine to the Test Board.

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CSM 84VZ Head Replacement | 23 April, 2013

Thanks, Jeff. I ended up bringing someone in to help me with it. And, that's pretty much what we did. What a pain! Who ever designed these heads never expected them to fail, apparently! The actual head change out only took about a half hour (including a tear down and rebuild of the head to clean everything up, etc); the calibration took a bit longer to make sure all three heads were aligned in R.

Cheers, ..rob

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