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Omniflo 10 power failure detected

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Omniflo 10 power failure detected | 26 April, 2013

First started with having to replace the power supply in the computer. Once we did this now I am getting a "power failure detected" error on the screen as an alarm for the oven program. Anyone have some advice or input on this?

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Omniflo 10 power failure detected | 26 April, 2013

This is what the manual says about this message : Power Failure Detected A main power failure occurred and the machine is being powered by the UPS. All heaters are shut off immediately ad the conveyor clears all boards If main power is not restored when the boards are cleared turn the Main Power Disconnect Switch to Off.

Try resetting your UPS.

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Omniflo 10 power failure detected | 29 April, 2013

If you have a UPS on your machine there should be auxiliary contacts in the main breaker switch SW 1. These contacts tell the UPS if the main rotatary switch in turned to on or off. If the rotary switch was set to off the UPS knows not to turn on in the way RLM described. If power is lost at the power panel or building and the rotary switch is still on the UPS knows this via the aux contacts and keeps the computer and conveyor running until all boards are clear. If there are no boards or recipes running the computer will shut down. Based on the description of the issue it sounds like you had a CPU power supply issue; the machine was probably turned on and off multiple times during the troubelshooting and repair and unfortunately the aux contacts may have failed given the machine the impression that power has been lost. It's been a little while since I worked on an OMNIFLO in the field, but if memory serves me right with failed aux contacts you might get the alarm, but there is power to the UPS. You could bypass the UPS power by disconnecting the input power to the UPS and plugging it into it's mate, male to female plugs. I believe this is enough to get rid of the alarm. Then it's a matter of replacing the aux contacts or maybe also the UPS.

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Omniflo 10 power failure detected | 30 April, 2013

Got it powered back on Friday.... We did check the UPS (power-supply)and indeed it was bad. So we referenced the manual and found you can bypass the UPS all together. So we just directly plugged the machine past the UPS. Well the machine is running but we were getting weird board sensor errors so we referenced the manual again and placed a jumper onto 118 to 144 on terminal block 6 and at the moment everything seems to be working fine.

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