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DEK PRINTER 265 | 16 May, 2013

Hi all,

I have an intermittent problem on a 265 GSX printer.

"Position error" on the rising table.. quite a lot of work has been done with no success. such as motor, break , encoder replaced....diagnostic checks etc....

Machine could run for a few days and then out of the blue the error occurs, takes a few power downs and download Mint files before we get going again...

The table rises in stages andthen error occurs...

Any advise appreciated.


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DEK PRINTER 265 | 16 May, 2013

Hej AJ,

i think in my case it was a weak connection at a light barrier.

Best regards Tobi

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DEK PRINTER 265 | 16 May, 2013

Hi Tobi,

Hopefully you are right, I was thinking the same and I am currently waiting for a replacement on a suspect...

Thanks for reply,


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DEK PRINTER 265 | 16 May, 2013

This might be a cable. It is not broken all the way - that's why you don't get the error all the time. After it moves for awhile it will break the connection and you start getting the error.

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DEK PRINTER 265 | 20 May, 2013

Check the wire for the breake i change that and conector plug ont he breake is diferent and i have to change the wire, if you need more help contact me at

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DEK PRINTER 265 | 23 October, 2013


I am glad to report that this issue has been resolved at last.

Issue with 40VAC contact in the Y4 crate, as the problem was intermittent it was a difficult one to trace/prove.

My thanks to DEKHEAD for assistance and Maxem Engineering.....

PS...if anyone wants to know anything about the Rising Table on a GSX, ask me as I am now an expert!!! :-)


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