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Samsung feeder bank duplication?

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Samsung feeder bank duplication? | 21 May, 2013

We have 2-Samsung 431's followed by a 421 on our line..We run different revision boards with similar parts. Is there a way I can run one revision feeder set up.Then switch over to the next job without having to switch feeders around for the new program????

When I load the next revision with almost the same feeders except for a few changes, I have to load a the new program and then change around about a hundred feeders into different slots because the program is a different feeder set up from easy olp optimization!!!! One of the Techs Lee Ehret told me I can, but I have to do something in easyolp with projects tab at the top...but that icon is dead and I cant use it.Anyone know how to do would save me a lot of time when switching between jobs!!1

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Samsung feeder bank duplication? | 21 May, 2013

There is two different ways to make this work. To get the Add Project button enabled find your EasyOLP installation folder and modify OLPoptions.ini change MultiProject to 1. Now you will be able to add multiple jobs together and optimize.

You could also optimize the first job and than when you go to optimize the second job in EasyOLP Optimize if you click on the the Feederbase you can import a feederbase from a pcb or opt file.

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