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3D Printers

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3D Printers | 31 May, 2013

We are considering purchasing a 3D printer for fixture/assembly aid creation and probably some other uses we never even thought of. Anyone have any experience or thoughts they'd like to share?

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3D Printers | 31 May, 2013

With zero knowledge and no internet degree on 3D printing... It seems to me to be a good use of the tech. I envision some CAD design work, "printing a sample fixture", testing it for fit, then sending the CAD file downstream to a CNC machine. Something like that. Might be able to save some problems testing this way. Seems like there is always some little thing that was overlooked. Good idea! 'hege

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3D Printers | 3 June, 2013

Hi, it should be good for fixtures. I reads that somebody made gun with one of these and it actually worked. Now the security everywhere are thinking about ways to catch plastic weapons.

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