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Quad 4C

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Quad 4C | 5 June, 2013

Hi all.

I already have a pair of Quad 4C Mk2 and purchased a Quad 4C Mk2 CE model secondhand. Some of the machine powers up but not the motor PCBs so the start up sequence stops after the nozzle changer operates with Motor Error #5 on the handheld.

Both the 10 Amp fuses check out O.K. Does anybody have any clues as to where to look next please ?


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Quad 4C | 10 June, 2013

Check to make sure the side covers are closed. It is probably an interlock problem. Also if you have carts...make sure the plunger switches are down.

Good Luck

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Quad 4C | 10 June, 2013

Hi. Bobpan.

Thanks for the reply. This CE machine does not have the side cover switches like my others do, but the good news is that I have now got the machine to initialize and home etc.

I bought the machine "as seen" although I was told it was a runner - should have asked when ! Anyhow I found dud Z and Y cards, for which I had spares. Once these were replaced it powered up. All I have to do now is fix the MVS card and Quadalign problems - expensive.

Kind regards.

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Quad 4C | 28 June, 2013

Hi Rollon,

Did you get your Quad up and running? We have an MVS board and many other quad parts. Let us know if we can help.

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Quad 4C | 15 July, 2013

Hi Chris.

Thanks for the reply. There has been no progress since my post. I was trying to see if I could repair the MVS PCB with IC swaps as it looks a bit cooked in places but if I could find a reasonably priced one I would be interested. I also need a laser align head and the X axis pulley and it should run. Where are you based ?

Kind regards Rollon65

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Quad 4C | 15 July, 2013

Hi Rollon,

We're based out of Tampa, FL, We've got one quad align sensor left in stock and we have the mvs200. No luck on the pulley i'm afraid. I believe we can accommodate reasonable. shoot us a mail

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