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Juki Errors

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Juki Errors | 18 June, 2013

We are having issues on our 750 machine with the following errors, E240015 and E240021 this can occur on any of the 3 heads therefore surely ruling out Laser issues with 1 particular head?

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Juki Errors | 18 June, 2013

Those are nozzle attaching and removing errors, meaning the machine is having a hard time picking up and leaving nozzles. In the head there should be a rubber o-ring, it often needs to be either cleaned and oiled (Juki has a specific oil, make sure not not use a ton, just a little bit) or replaced and oiled.

Also use some IPA to clean your nozzles and make sure that they are traveling the full distance when you compress them. (Try not to soak the rubber tips in IPA as it can make them brittle).


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