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Quad Aligners

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Quad Aligners | 18 June, 2013

Looking for a Quad aligner part # 10-22603 for a CP-40LV pick and place machine. Used, refurbished, reconditioned. If anyone has info let me know.

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Quad Aligners | 28 June, 2013

Hi Dennis,

Did you find your Aligners? We have this part in stock. Visit our Spare parts inventory at or give us a call.

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Quad Aligners | 28 June, 2013


I sent an email requesting the price on a P4 Quad Align sensor. It is the one we are looking for. If it's quicker you can provide the price that will work as well. Just wondering, where are you guys located. Thank You,

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Quad Aligners | 21 October, 2013

Hello Dennis,

how did it end up your search?

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Quad Aligners | 23 October, 2013

Ryan, found the aligners form a company here in Florida called Island SMT. They carry a lot of spare parts for different machines.

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