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AutoProgram V5.25

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AutoProgram V5.25 | 2 July, 2013

I am trying to run AutoProgram for the first time and I am having trouble running it. I created a Windows 95 virtual machine on my laptop and installed the software. When I ran it, I got a Foxprow error. When I click the ignore button, I got a system error saying that Windows could not read from drive D. I created a drive D, and now Windows cannot read from drive E.

Has anybody else seen this problem?

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AutoProgram V5.25 | 2 July, 2013

Put a cd in your disk drive....this usually fixes the error.

Good luck

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AutoProgram V5.25 | 2 July, 2013

Thanks, the CD fixed that problem.

Now I get the message "Environment variable, ApWrk, is not defined."

"Exit Windows and set the environment variable before running AutoProgram again."

Any ideas how to fix this one? What is the difference between V5.25 and v5.32?

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AutoProgram V5.25 | 2 July, 2013

Your autoexec.bat and config.sys probably have problems. There is a line for the apwrk that needs to be in autoexec.bat.

go to:

and e-mail me....much easier that way

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AutoProgram V5.25 | 18 July, 2013

I don't recommend running AutoProgram in a Windows 95 virtual machine. It's really a Windows 3.1 application. The best way to run AutoProgram on a modern Windows computer is to install DosBox (a free open source DOS emulator that runs under Windows). Then get a copy of the Windows 3.1 installation floppy disks (6 floppies). Floppy disk images for Windows 3.1 are not hard to find in the internet. Install Windows 3.1 into your running DosBox. Then run Windows 3.1 in DosBox and install AutoProgram under Windows 3.1. This solution is much more lightweight that a virtual machine, and gives AutoProgram a real Windows 3.1 environment in which to run. Everything works perfectly except for the Copy to Disk function, which you don't need anyway (just copy the entire folder for your board to a disk using Windows Explorer).

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