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Quad 4C vision alignment

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Quad 4C vision alignment | 15 July, 2013

Does anyone know how to make the vision alignment work on a Quad 4C? What I mean is make it work right, and reliably. I know how to define the component for inspection (lead pitch, lead count, dimensions, tolerances, etc.), and I know how to set light levels (primary, secondary) and adjust the videometer thresholds. But my results are FAR from satisfactory. I'm trying to do a TQFP32, a TQFP48, and a TQFP144, all with 0.5mm lead pitch. The TQFP144 works best, with "only" a 40% reject ratio. The TQFP32 always reports either invalid lead pitch, or lead pitch out of tolerance. The TQFP48 always reports alignment failed, with no clue as to what is wrong. Quite frankly, the image on the monitor from the alignment camera never looks very good at all. There are a lot of bright reflections coming from the leads, making it almost impossible to see any separation between some leads. Reducing the light intensity makes other leads almost disappear. Yes, I have done camera alignment. So far I have found the vision alignment pretty useless. Does anyone know how to make it work?

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Quad 4C vision alignment | 18 July, 2013

Make sure that the lens is clean and you dont have any parts down inside on the camera. Also sometimes the leds that shine up to the part are bent in crazy directions. Make sure they look like they are all aimed up at the same direction. Is the bright reflection coming from the part or from the head itself? Maybe the area where the z-rod goes up into the head is scratched or something is missing causing the brightness....been a while since i worked on the machine so i am going from memory.

good luck

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Quad 4C vision alignment | 19 July, 2013

I think I have the vision problems figured out. There were two problems. 1) The Alignment type was set to "Small" for my TQFP48 part. It should have been set to "Complete". This is a clear case of poor documentation. The AutoProgram manual lists the different options available for Alignment, but says absolutely nothing about what the different options do, or when to use the which option. 2) We have two Quad 4C systems. The vision is really flaky on one of the machines. Intermittent at best, even though the image in the monitor isn't too bad. The other Quad 4C seems to vision inspect components very well. For now all vision inspection will have to be done on that machine.

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Quad 4C vision alignment | 22 July, 2013

That documentation was written 20 years ago and was meant to be a reference for the software. To use autoprogram...engineers would take a 3-5 day class. It simply was not supposed to be learned from a manual.

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