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5DX or equivalent

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5DX or equivalent | 17 July, 2013

My boss wants me to look into a 5DX or equivalent equipment. Right now I am in discovry mode. I need to know what's out there and the pros and cons. What type of support I'm going to need (programming, running, etc.) Cost/benefit. Any information that you can share would be appreciated.

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5DX or equivalent | 18 July, 2013


we have a Dage from Cookson. It is 3D and it gives you good idea about the joints on the board. However, it is not a real automated system. You can create some step and repeat procedures but you should manually confirm defects all the time - I would think of it as more of a manual system. As far as I know 5DX is no longer on the market. I think they stopped it years ago - it was very expensive system though.

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5DX or equivalent | 18 July, 2013

Hi Eric, what specifically are you looking to achieve with the 5DX? I can narrow it down for you better if i know what exactly you are going to be using the tool for.

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5DX or equivalent | 18 July, 2013

Our biggest concern is "head in pillow". I need something that can easily find this defect and call it out. I don't want something that I need an operator reviewing for pass/fail.

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5DX or equivalent | 19 July, 2013

Check out Viscom, X7056 Series in line Xray. Have 2D and 3D options. Also if budget permits offer Xray and AOI in same machine !!!

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