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HMP soldering

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HMP soldering | 22 July, 2013

we have been asked by a client if we are capable of producing product that will require HMP, I am currently tyring to gather as much info as I can with regards to this solder type and would like help can we run this type of solder through a smt line ? I have seen some pastes available. does the stencil process have to be altered i.e. larger apertures etc ? what types of pcb materials can handle the higher reflow temps ? we currently run older 5 zone convection reflow ovens are these suitable ? they can go upto the reflow temps required afaik. any info on the processes would be much appreciated :)

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HMP soldering | 22 July, 2013

HMP can mean a lot of things, although it is normally used as the generic name for one of the following alloys: Pb93.5 Ag1.5 Sn5 (296°C-301°C) Pb95 Sn5 (308°C-312°C) Pb97.5 Ag1.5 Sn1 (309°C)

If you are talking about one of these, there is no reliable method of automation for SMT assemblies... The BeamWorks Spark 400 came close but was not accepted since it had a tendency to burn the soldermask.

The normal process for these alloys is Hand Solder for SMT and PTH components. Wave or Selective solder can be used for the PTH components but normally touch-up is needed due to the increased quality requirements involved with the products using these alloys.

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HMP soldering | 23 July, 2013

thanks for the info :)

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