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Reel change verification

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Reel change verification | 26 July, 2013

Anyone have experience with any type of aftermarket surface mount reel change verification system that would help prevent an incorrect reel from being loaded?

Thanks in advance


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Reel change verification | 27 July, 2013

A mistake happened at our company before I got there where a wrong value was used, so now we have to check it with someone else to make sure the old empty reel is the same value as the new full reel.

Some months after I started, I decided to check the resistor & capacitor values each time I do the pick tracking. The best part, if the sample does not work, I can think to myself at least it is not my fault putting on wrong value (and I absolutely love it) When you have resistor & capacitor at the back of the machine, before the start of the run, one person stands at the front looking at the screen feeder list and might call out “feeder 12” the person at the rear will look look at feeder 12 and might call out “470 Ohms” if it is correct the person at the front calls out the next feeder.

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