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Ideal lenght for Selective solder

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Ideal lenght for Selective solder | 19 August, 2013

Using ERSA Ecoselect.

I am curiuos to hear from other selective solder users as to what is the ideal lead lenght for your application on thru hole components. Shorter leads have helped us decrease solder bridges.

We find ours to be from .75 mm to 1.25 mm. This being the measured distance from the bottom of the PCB to the end of the lead.

Most compoenents are either hand cut using templates, or if possible one of our lead cutting machines.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Ideal lenght for Selective solder | 20 August, 2013

When bridging becomes an issue, I like short leads. Lead Free is where I see most bridging occur. Usually when lead length starts to approach lead spacing. As long as the lead is discernible in the joint, it's acceptable.

If you are having trouble with something like a double row header bridging and you don't want to trim the leads, try changing your program so that you are soldering each row independantly.

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