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Pot life & shelf life

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Pot life & shelf life | 1 September, 2013


can someone give definition on pot life? does the pot life start once it's been taken out from fridge or the pot life starts once recommended thawing ends?

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Pot life & shelf life | 5 September, 2013

It depends: * If you're talking jars, I'd be as conservative as possible. So, 3 days from when the jar is removed from the frig would be my pot life limit. * If you're talking Semco cartridges, I'd be talking about 10 days from when the cartridge is removed from the frig.

Too many operators: * Leave jars open * Partially close the cover * Don't replace internal air purger in jars * Mix alloys in jars * Mix flux types in jars * ... and on and on ...

BR, davef

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