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Anti scratch film

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Anti scratch film | 4 December, 2013


I want to place a protective film on a plastic piece like those that protects liquid crystal dysplays.

Can you share the best way to do this?

Kind regards Rui

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Anti scratch film | 5 December, 2013

By hand, we apply a precision die cut plastic protective film to a particular "lens" product. It is of the "peel the backing off and apply" style product.

Due to the ESD event possibilities, this application is done in an area far away from any electronic components, in an area where we can control the ESD.

If you are asking about "technique" for applying the film, I would say best to peel back a corner, get the film into place before pressing that one corner down. Then peel the backing from underneath as you press teh film into place. If it is a protective film to be removed later, precision is not required, just get the protection generally in place for later removal. Good Luck! 'hege

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Anti scratch film | 6 December, 2013

Depending on how much you require, there may run into some minimum material thresholds. * Research on 3M website: * After you find a product, search the product# on the internet. Someone might have small quantities for sale. ** ** * Contract getting the product cut: ** Orion Industries

** Insul-Fab

** Enhance a Colour

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