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Vertical bend resistors solder fillet

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Vertical bend resistors solder fillet | 12 December, 2013

For selective soldered components, or even hand soldered, with vertical bend components, the body of the component, in this case a resistor, is making contact with the surface of the PCB, making it impossibe to visually see the solder fillet. Or to determine if it has enough solder. The bottom side fillet is fine.

What is the inspection criteria in this case since the solder can only be seen on the bottom side but not the top?

Thanks in advance for input

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Vertical bend resistors solder fillet | 13 December, 2013

For vertical mounted, axial leaded components; the standoff from the land to the component body should be 0.4mm[0.016in] to 1.5mm[0.059in]. Right?

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Vertical bend resistors solder fillet | 14 December, 2013


I hope this helps For a component with axial leaded - vertical

The clearance of the component body or weld bead above the land is 1.00mm (0.039in)

Component body must be perpendicular to the board

The overall height does not exceed maximum design height requirements

what is acceptable The component or weld bead clearance above the land meets the requirements of the following table class 1 class 2 class 3 min 0.1mm 0.4mm 0.8mm 0.0039in 0.016in 0.031in

max 6mm 3mm 1.5mm 0.24in 0.12in 0.059in

I guess you can take a dive in the IPC-A-610E and search for it has to be in the section 7 on through-hole technology

I hope this helps


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