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Accuflex maintenance manual

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Accuflex maintenance manual | 13 December, 2013

We have a 2006 MPM Accuflex that we purchased used last year. We did not get a maintenance manual with it, and MPM wants $9500 to register it before they'll send us one.

Does anyone have manual they can sell me for this? it stopped initializing and while I'm pretty sure the problem is the Align driver card, schematics would make fixing it a lot simpler.

Thanks! john

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Accuflex maintenance manual | 17 December, 2013

I may have what you need. I would not know what to charge for a PDF copy though. I'll have to look in my files and see what I have.

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Accuflex maintenance manual | 19 December, 2013

send me your email. i will shoot you over a copy of it. no charge.

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Accuflex maintenance manual | 17 January, 2014

Hey Comatose, did you get it fixed? If you still need help I can send you the schematics (No charge). If you got the machine from a dealer they should have been able to provide all this with the machine. If you like you can call me and I can give you some tips that may help (no registration required). You can look me up under PRIME TECH.

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