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OIS Siemens Software

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OIS Siemens Software | 7 January, 2014

Hi - I am trying to set up a visual display of the component attrition rate from our Siemens P&P Machines. There is OIS SW running on each machine so we can query a certain amount locally at each machine.

Is there a way of having a more userfriendly display of the current status of the machine that can be user selectable. Ie One screen could show me the last 5 minutes, another could show me the last 2 hours OR the entire shift.

Any help is appreciated.

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OIS Siemens Software | 8 January, 2014


I am not very much sure but try to replace the SMDs and PCBs used. May be they are not updated enough to support.

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OIS Siemens Software | 12 January, 2014


Solution of the ASM / Siemens is nice but in terms of the display of the results is quite limited and sometimes difficult to define. Our clients built (some of them with our help) separate software takes the data from the machine (the database) and display data according to their needs. In addition, it also allows more data to attract additional system compared to a solution of the ASM / Siemens.

If you need a solution and you do not see that this is possible via an OIS So you should not go for a third party solution. Also, feel free to contact me so we can offer you a tailored solution for you.

My email:

Best Regards, Alexei

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