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Flex Cable

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Flex Cable | 20 January, 2014

Hola We will start producing flex cables soon for a new project, we've never built them in house, we have no experience in this field, most of our products are PCBA & Backplanes. I'm guessing that I can run this cables using a fixture to secure the small PCB, then use the scrren priner, pick n place to place connectors, and use the reflow oven. Does it make sense? any arcticle and/or suggestions about flex cable processing will help. Saludos!

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Flex Cable | 21 January, 2014


Your description of the process sounds about right. A fixture to hold the flex cable taut (and in a repeatable location) that allows you to paste/place/reflow is essential.

As for notes:

Be hyper aware of moisture/humidity in regards to the flex circuits. They tend towards absorbing a lot more moisture than FR4, and a lot quicker. If you're in a relatively humid environment, and do not have humidity controls on the floor, I'd highly recommend baking the flex circuits before processing.

Cheers, ..rob

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Flex Cable | 28 January, 2014

Make sure that the source of power supply should be smooth and it won't harm the PCBs. Are you going to use resistors also?

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