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Pick n Place tape dot

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Pick n Place tape dot | 6 February, 2014

Years ago I received a sample of adhesive dots that were on tape and reel and could be pick n placed with standard equipment and withstood reflow. I have a current need for these and cannot remember a vendor or manufacturer. Does anyone know of this product, or similar products that would allow me to pick and place a small adhesive tape allowing a chip body to be placed on top? The desire is to prepare a large amount of parts for manual soldering (customer mods).

Thank You

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Pick n Place tape dot | 6 February, 2014

If you get a response to this, I might have a need to look into something similar. Though, I don't need adhesive..I need something more like kapton or masking dots. I am working on a new job that requires conformal coating, and LEDs that need to be masked before coating...if there were a pick and place solution, I'd definitely be interested. other words...I can't help you...but, I'm interested in whether or not someone else can!

cheers, ..rob

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Pick n Place tape dot | 7 February, 2014

Hover Davis makes a feeder for labels that works with many pick and place machines. Identco is a distributer for them and may be able to help with the material to.

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Pick n Place tape dot | 10 February, 2014

Companies like Nortec offer polymide dots in tape and reel. A simple search for kapton dots or polymide, polyester dots can bring the results you are looking for.

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Pick n Place tape dot | 25 February, 2014

Stellar Technical Product, we been ordering from them for almost 6 years. My needs where to be used with connectors or power modules on a tray without pick up area (dots) for pick up Fuji nozzle of 5mm. There is no P/N because is a special order, but here is the order description: Kapton Dots 6.5 MILS 5/16 (Approved Manufacturers .3125). Remember that the thickness is very important. Hope it helps!

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Pick n Place tape dot | 12 August, 2014

This is helpful information. PROMATION just released a low cost stand alone pick and place for pre-printed labels which would also include Kapton Dots. So if you do not want to tie up your pick and place this could also be an option for placing them.

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Pick n Place tape dot | 18 August, 2014

So I wanted to provide up-dates on this process. I contacted the supplier recommended and they do NOT offer the kapton dots on a single row for automated processes. Just sheets, however I did find that Identco offers an 8 mm round kapton dot in a single row made for automation. The material is a PT205HD that can be removed after the selective soldering, coating or other processes. The media comes on a Release Liner making it perfect for automation and leaves virtually no residual after removal. PROMATION's LABELPRO1 can pick and place this media onto populated PCBs if there is interest. I hope this helps.

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Pick n Place tape dot | 26 August, 2014

I've given up on my search for this solution, personally. I wasn't able to land the customer that it would have benefitted me for, and the company I was working for shuttered operations.

But, with that said, if anyone is looking for a custom sized kapton dot, I was able to figure out that Hisco would be able to offer this service (essentially, they'd custom make the dot for you). I never got to the quoting phase, so, I'm not sure what that would look like...likely some custom tooling charge, as well as mark-up on the material. There are, likely, other companies out there that would custom cut the kapton material to whatever dimension is needed.

cheers, ..rob

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