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inline wash profiler

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inline wash profiler | 17 February, 2014

Does anyone have a company that can do wash profiler? I want something similar to thermal profilers like your Kik and Datapaq but obviously it needs to be water proof. I want to measure temperature and pressure from the jets as part of a weekly SPC check

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inline wash profiler | 17 February, 2014

I am not aware of any correlation that temperature and pressure is a good indicator of board cleanliness. You can drop a thermometer into the tank to verify the temperature. Water cleanness/Ph are more important. If you are truly worried about board cleanliness you need a Omegameter or Ionograph to test your boards

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inline wash profiler | 18 February, 2014

Thanks for the reply. Yes we currently have an Ionagraph setup at the bottom of the wash where we take the first board out for that day and check it for contamination. Im just wanting to get an idea if any jets are blocked and that the temperature is what it says it is. Maybe its overkill but we are building class 3 products

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inline wash profiler | 12 March, 2014

There are a few companies that sell the pressure senors and software to data-log and map the coverage and pressure of fluid spraying systems.However they tend to be expensive. If you would like the link please send me an email and I would be happy to provide.

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