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SOT 23 Rework Time

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SOT 23 Rework Time | 19 February, 2014

Hi All:

What is a "good" time for removal and replacement of an SOT23. Steps are ID, remove, site dress, replace with new, clean using IPA and inspect per Class II,

My average time is 3 minutes.



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SOT 23 Rework Time | 19 February, 2014

That's a pretty vague question, especially if you count "ID" in the time.

In a world where you have AOI or in circuit testing telling you which part has to go, limited thermal mass to contend with and decent equipment, I'd say thirty seconds. On my assemblies, if it took a tech 3 minutes to rework a SOT-23, we'd be having a chat.

If you're just scanning the board by eye, the PCB is six layers of 4oz copper, the component goes to three planes and you have to work with a radio shack iron with a broken tip, ten minutes might be a great time.

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SOT 23 Rework Time | 27 February, 2014

I agree with Comatose; although, 30 seconds I feel is stretching it bit. I would say anywhere from 40-60 sec. 5 seconds for removal 15 seconds to install (tack) 10 seconds to solder 10 seconds for inspection

There's no need to dress the pads. Use the old solder for tacking the component, this will save you time.

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