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How to import Part Data to Fuji CP65

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How to import Part Data to Fuji CP65 | 24 February, 2014

Hi, This company has thousands of parts in the library from Mydata machine that needs to be ported to Fuji CP65 Parts Library.

Rather then entering each of the 1000s of part manually, does anyone know how to FORMAT the different part data file format that is importable to the interface SW, FujiFlexa Director & it's few built-in tools? E.g. Menu->Import->Part->Library Import PD wizard Menu->Import->to Job->BOM (adds P/N only to assembly but does not go into Parts Library) etc.

Among all these tools, they each prompt for different files with different name & extensions & format.

I've tried "preparing" comma-separated-data-fields, naming the file to the filename+extension but it does NOT load the components directly into the Part Library database, only on the assembly job.

So what's the "secret data format"? for: plib.DB *.MDL *.CSIMF ... some looks like binary or in full-ASCII characters

What are the specific data fields in the record that will be acceptable for proper import?

Again, I need to import parts in groups, huge quantity; not singles; avoid manual entry of each part.

Thanks for the help.


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How to import Part Data to Fuji CP65 | 12 March, 2014

Hi, Mi. it is some Gerber file from PCB/CAD data. u can not open and enter these Lib. data, you maybe get it from the Unicam/Gere Cam supplier BOM data files. hope you can know it. and you must enter this data/Gerber file into the cp65 system prepare a *.PRP files to produces. Thanks you know. Han

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