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aligning mecchanical alignment station on CSM84

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aligning mecchanical alignment station on CSM84 | 23 March, 2014

I have a 3 head CSM84 without vision. I have set up head 3 without chuck jaws to use with the mechanical alignment station. When I got the machine all the M.A. offsets were zero. Over time, I have gotten them closer, but I really don't understand the procedure for properly setting these offsets. It gets complicated, as the head offset interacts with the M.A. offsets in a very confusing way. I've now got it within about .2 mm or so, but I think it could still be closer if I knew what I was doing. It is easy to get it to work for one rotation of the placed component, but to get it to align well at all 4 rotations is driving me nuts.

Does anybody still remember this machine? Mine is a PA130620, with the DC brush motors.



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aligning mecchanical alignment station on CSM84 | 28 March, 2014

I was hoping somebody knew how to do this. My method was to place parts at 0 and 180 degree rotation, and adjust head offset until the parts were in the same position at both rotations. Then, I adjusted the M.A. station offset to zero in on correct placement. I ran some boards and they came out very nearly perfect, so I have made a great improvement. This scheme definitely seems to address the problem of separating the effect of head offset from M.A. station offset, which was why I couldn't fix the problem before.

The error seems to be a little less than 0.1mm, which may be nearing the repeatability of this machine. Maybe this can help somebody else who is still running one of these clunkers.


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