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Lead free designated soldering irons

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Lead free designated soldering irons | 25 March, 2014

Hello everyone. I have a question pertaining to solder irons, tips and solder stations. We recently have set up our lead free wave and reflow oven. We still have quite a few projects that require leaded solder. I was curious how others handle rework solder irons, and tips. We have adopted a rule to use only designated lead free irons to solder lead free and if a leaded board needs rework you have to change a tip or use a lead designated iron. All tips that I have seen, are lead free. I realize it is important to use the correct solder, but as long as the tip is kept clean either by regular or wire sponges, the amount of contamination should be very little if any. What are your thoughts?

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Lead free designated soldering irons | 26 March, 2014

I would recommend not to mix leaded irons to do non-leaded rework. Especially, if you are working on ROHS compliance project that will create contamination. Weller and Hakko still have tips for leaded soldering tips, you can chechk on their web sites. Good luck.

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