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Fuji CP3 R FENCE Problem

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Fuji CP3 R FENCE Problem | 31 March, 2014

Thank you for all help. Finally I got this old machine ran. Now sometimes, I get this error " R FENCE " . I checked the center photoelectric beam at the rear of the machine was good. Sometime I 'm so lucky turn it on and it work. now the problem occurs at all time. I change the first I/O board. till the same. would any one has experience about this problem. please


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Fuji CP3 R FENCE Problem | 3 April, 2014

Hold the F1 key during power up, it will boot into the I/O screen. Check the 3 photo zones. Check the door switch. In the main screen you can cancel D1 or D2, then you can swap light sensors. Check carefully the wiring, there is a SYNC wire between the transmitter and receiver, without it connected or intermittent, it will alarm. The wires, being somewhat exposed on the fence may have been damaged.

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