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New SMD line, what to choose for our very first line?

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New SMD line, what to choose for our very first line? | 27 April, 2014

Hi, we have plans to build up a SMD manufacturing line and would like to get your feedback what is best for us to choose. We are outsourcing about 50 different products which are more or less low series (up to 1000 pieces). Boards are very different from very small to complexe boards. Our plan is to build up a line and start manufacturing the small simple boards due we do not have a lot of experience in manufacturing. Later in a year or so, we would start building also the complexe boards.

We are thinking about to buy a Samsung SM482 + Ekra dispencer. We already bought a used Heller reflow oven. Our budget for the two machines is up to 100.000 USD.

What would you suggest to pick if you would start a manufacturing?

Thanks a lot for your answers, Recard, Europe

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New SMD line, what to choose for our very first line? | 27 April, 2014


First of all good luck to you on the subject. From the experience of our customers, Samsung machines are good machines to begin quickly in production. Also, on the way you will need software tools and systems to improve your production. We have a large variety of software tools and systems that can help you.

You can read about our software on our website:

You can send me an email at any time:

Best Regards, Alexei

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New SMD line, what to choose for our very first line? | 28 April, 2014

A: Sharks will attack you. B: I am a Shark. C: I guess you mean $100,000. The less you pay, the less you will receive. It is important to do "accounting", I personally hate it. I am independent, but, Fuji XP1 and XP2 I trust. Maybe $150,000. If you are serious then I will proceed further.

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New SMD line, what to choose for our very first line? | 29 April, 2014

Make sure you fully understand your own products requirements. How many components of each feeder type they will require? How many Feeder slots those feeders will require? How different each product is and how that will affect changeover times - which in turn will determine how many extra feeders you require. Would your changeover rate mean "Intelligent" feeders were a wise investment? What age of machine do you consider acceptable (I don't see a new line in your budget) What is the estimated real placement rate your prospective machines would achieve on your most common assemblies? Do the times add up, can you program and kit the next job offline ... How did you arrive at your budget? - A subcontractors line would likely have cost more than that to do the work you describe. Are you planning to use any newer technologies like PoP or PiP, and if so are you trying to learn too much at once? It is I would suggest difficult to suggest machines without knowing more about what you are trying to build, with a complex board many machines like the one you suggest run out of space for your parts, this can happen quite quickly if you have a tray loader or lots or big connectors. Then you need 2 machines. Other manufacturer make longer machines or have alternative solutions for tray placement, research research!

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