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assembleon topaz and sapphire

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assembleon topaz and sapphire | 26 May, 2014

hi all,

we have smd line with 2 Assembleon topaz X.The real speed of the line is about 12- 13k cph.I want to increase this speed.I intend to buy a Assembleon sapphire and change one of topaz with sapphire ( chip shooter).Has anyone of you similar configuration and what is the speed of the line?


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assembleon topaz and sapphire | 29 May, 2014

Hi You might want to join and post this on my Yahoo Assembleon users group, it is new so we only have 6 or so members, but as it grows it will be more and more useful.

My 2c worth is that a sapphire might be kind of old and problematic for support. Make sure you have fully optimized the topaz's, balanced them, and mimimized tool changes, maybe you would be better off just adding another topaz and dividing the parts across 3 machines?? just some ideas

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