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SAKI AOI MACHINE | 14 July, 2014

Hello,my question as below: 1. If the component is black color but the color of PCB is dark green. It seem no different in color between it. Any suitable algorithm can be used on it? 2. Algorithm Mem1-Mem2 make many false error and affect the First Pass Yield. Any way to reduce its false error? Thank You.

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SAKI AOI MACHINE | 15 July, 2014

I am seeing a similar problem. We are using Orbotech AOI. I am trying to find a way to make the light source brighter.

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SAKI AOI MACHINE | 22 July, 2014

Please us OK/NG light. This is advace light.Especially when there are 402 black resistors and they are on dark green or balck pcb, this ligt is perfect. But, this is optional thing. You must contact with local distributor to activate this ligt.

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SAKI AOI MACHINE | 22 July, 2014

OK/NG will cost you a licence update, but it is powerfull. You can used the area color algorithm, as an alternative Black and Green have different RGB value, so it will not be mixed. You will need to tune it for a few board, set the minimum and maximum of black RGB. question2, For what type of checking are you asking for?

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