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SMD setup

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SMD setup | 16 July, 2014

how much time in average do you spend in set up time? how much % of productive time do you waste in setup? what smd equipment do you have?

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SMD setup | 16 July, 2014

This number is going to vary hugely depending on the machine, how you operate and how many feeders you have. Smaller outfits might have a single operative whose job it is to setup, load, run & program the line. Regardless of how changeover focused the machine your machine is, in this scenario you will 'waste' far more time than a larger outfit that has a dedicated pick team loading parts onto feeders/racks/trolleys. As one of those smaller outfits I know I can load a lane in under 60 seconds but I would allow for 3 minutes to include checks, splicing, unloading a previously loaded part and other unplanned issues. It is also possible to prep the next job while the current one is running but that depends on how many 'spare' feeders are available, how much attention the current job requires and how large the current job is. Downtime becomes very significant with multiple complex PCB's in small numbers. Our Essemtec machine is standalone and uses CLM feeders in banks of 10 lanes. An inline machine would free up more time for the operator to prep the next job. Single lane feeders make it easier to optimize the lane locations for each job. Dumb feeders with high changeover make it far more likely/easy to load a feeder in the wrong slot if you are optimizing every job.

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SMD setup | 16 July, 2014


The answer is very complex depends on the type of machine, the operator's capabilities and process. There are machines that let you perform the above side then stick carts into the machine and produce. Event such a process is the length of a few minutes to an hour on average. If you use machines with fixed tables (not carts) then the process will take much more time (and sometimes can go a day or two).

If you use carts so we have a software solution that can help manage information and test feeders mounted on the cart and on the line. Read about a software on our website:!-setup-center-for-samsung/cjeg

Best Regards, Alexei

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SMD setup | 16 July, 2014

I have seen it all. from OEM that has 12 assemblies and the setup is always on the machine to a 5-6 setups a day in a CM environment with small quantities.

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SMD setup | 23 July, 2014

We have worked out as a guide formula to help us calculate this. As we have products that range from 5 unique pars to ~300 parts it is tricky to answer clearly.

we worked out an average time to change our feeders at 3 minutes (this includes removing the previous reel and pacing the new part reel)

so if no common parts are used a job using 60 parts could take up to 180 minutes to set up. This changes dramatically when common parts are already on feeders; or if feeders being unused are able to be loaded while the first job is being run.

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