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J-Wide JW-3040 Manual Printer

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J-Wide JW-3040 Manual Printer | 14 August, 2014

I purchased the JW-3040 manual printer after seeing this company here. They were advertising the JW-3040 as new but their website said they specialize in used products. I specifically asked and was assured that the printer is new and comes with a squeegee. I had doubts having dealt with such companies before but was in a big rush to get a printer. The printer arrived but clearly was used. The state of the squeegee indicated it must have been lying in a scrap metal bin for some time. When I contacted the company I was told the product was brand new when shipped so the signs of age must have happened during shipping!

Well they got their money so not much that can be done. And yes, it serves me right. If anyone else is considering buying stuff from this company, beware. They are cheats and give suppliers from that part of the world a bad name. As for the quality of the printer, it is not great either. The adjustment screws are quite crudely machined meaning forget about adjustment with any precision.

P.S. This company has a related company that sells the same equipment under NLT-3040.

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