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best way to get power to PCB

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best way to get power to PCB | 11 September, 2014

Hello Esteemed Panel, I have a question...what is the most cost effective way to get power to a PCB? By this I mean connecting power and ground without a connector but something more reliable than soldering a wire directly to the PCB. Whatever solution you mention please also elaborate somewhat on the process involved (i.e. is it surface mount?...through hole?...can it be automated?) Thanks all.. =Greg=

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best way to get power to PCB | 12 September, 2014

Surely this depends on the scenario? Quite a few manufacturers feeders use spring contacts perhaps a bit like these, so your PCB would simply have pads to align with those contacts. Of course this relies on some form of fixture. Its also quite popular in things like mobile phones where you can find things like the headphone socket are simply spring loaded assemblies held in place by the devices structure. Or are we talking about some magic connector free solution with no rig/fixture?

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best way to get power to PCB | 2 October, 2014

it all depends on the situation, your circuitry and components. ground place should always be below or above the signal and power traces to minimize loops and reduce EMI generated by the board.If you have multiple power voltages and a 4-layer board you don't have much choice. You have to deliver different voltages to the different loads. courtesy

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best way to get power to PCB | 8 October, 2014

Most stuff i get comes with a plug on it. I usuaslly just plug it in to the wall where the holes are. My cousin Herb syas he licks the two prongs of the plug before he plugs it in. Says to make sur e you don't drool on it or it could shock you!

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best way to get power to PCB | 14 October, 2014

For low voltage and current applications there are also some nice SMT conductive foam pads that come in on tape.

I think Laird also do something similar. We place them with no problem.

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best way to get power to PCB | 31 October, 2014 is an example of something very cost effective and a very reliable... The wire gets crimped in after reflow which is currently not automated. (WaveMasterLarry...this is the other end of the cord where it connects to the PCB). Does anyone have experience with this product from Zierick an if so what are your comments? Also, is there anything similar commercially available?

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