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Moisture Sensitive Solutions

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Moisture Sensitive Solutions | 23 September, 2014

Hi, I'm looking for the best value for storing moisture sensitive SMT parts. Here is the current situation: when the SMT operators leave at the end of the day, they store any moisture sensitive parts that are still in production in a low temp oven overnight to prolong floor life. If the parts exceed the MSL specs, they have to be baked at high temp for hours or even days. My existing low temp oven died and will cost $500-1500 in parts alone. The oven is probably older than me so it might be worth it to spend a little more and get updated equipment. Do I go with a dry box? or oven? what model/brand? Advantages/disadvantages if any? and most importantly what kind of prices am I looking at?

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Moisture Sensitive Solutions | 24 September, 2014

For me, it would depend on a couple of things:

1. How many parts are stored in this manner on a regular basis?

2. Was the oven used for anything else other than this type of storage?

If it was a low volume of parts, and the oven wasn't used for anything else, I'd suggest investing in a dry'll get better returns out of it than an oven (and can control the humidity better).

If it is a larger volume of parts, I'd consider improving the environment that they are stored/used in on a larger scale. All of your components, regardless of stated MSL, will benefit from a humidity controlled environment, as will your PCBs, and your overall assembly process.

Cheers, ..rob

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Moisture Sensitive Solutions | 25 September, 2014

you should go for a dry box it would prevent the sensitive component. Though Moisture sensitive devices are packaged in a moisture barrier antistatic bag with a desiccant and a moisture indicator card which is sealed which could help you.

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Tim Wilkinson


Moisture Sensitive Solutions | 1 October, 2014


I work in sales at Manncorp and we have a two styles of dry boxes you may want to consider. We have dry desiccant boxes that will store your components at less than 5% RH. We also have dry baking boxes that will store your components at 5% RH and use a low temp (40 degrees Celsius) to gently bake any residual moisture out of your components.

Prices vary depending on model and size. But you may want to check them out on our website,

If you want to contact me directly, feel free to call or email me anytime.

Tim Wilkinson 215-830-1200 ex 117

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