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Machine down

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Machine down | 29 September, 2014

I came into work this morning to an error on one of my printers. After powering on machine, the error MACHINE DOWN popped up in the top left corner of the screen. I have the giant manual and could not locate a solution for this error. I have checked the main fuses in the back of the printer as well as the changed the hard drive to no evail. any suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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Machine down | 29 September, 2014

You might get more help if you mention who the manufacturer of the machine is.

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Machine down | 30 September, 2014

Hi Dustin, By checking your other post I assume that is an Ekra e5, if is that the case..Front computer is working, so I recommend to check the back computer. Good Luck.

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Machine down | 8 October, 2014

Make sure th epower is on and the monitor is on to.

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