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ekra e5 blades not dropping.

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ekra e5 blades not dropping. | 29 September, 2014

After getting the last issue I had fixed through here. I thought I would try to see if there is a solution for another issue. I have and ekra e5 screen printer and it has a problem with the blades not dropping when they should. If I set up single direction printing I have to puch down on the blade to start it to drop. I lifts at the end of printing just fine. I have observed the valves for this (y9andy10)and they seem to be functioning correctly with the light switching from on to off. It is not everytime and every direction either. Usually it happens when the blade has been left in the up position to long. any advise please advise.

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ekra e5 blades not dropping. | 30 September, 2014

Hi Dustin, It happened to us once and it was something very simple. We did maintenance to the Squeegee head and the problem was that the Squeegee head cover was not put back in place correctly, so it was interfering with the Squeegee up/down movement. Hope it helps!

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ekra e5 blades not dropping. | 2 October, 2014

I had the same problem with my E5. At first check the cover and valves in the squeegees head. For me wasn't help, I didn't found any fault, jamm.

In my machine there is two adjustable valve over the transport at output-vent. I tried to readjust the head with using squeegees blade down/up test. This machine didn't long been used (around helf-one year) because it was in a warehouse to wait for new owner.

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