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UNIVERSAL 6772A Dip Machine

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UNIVERSAL 6772A Dip Machine | 9 October, 2014


We have a very old IC insertion machine mentioned in the subject line. The system seems to have lost all communication between the computer and the machine. The connections between them are good and I do not see any signs of electrical damage.

The computer screen comes up as a garbled mess when trying to run it. We have tried reloading the program with no success.

Is there anything specific I should look for to try and figure out the problem?

Any help is appreciated...

Thanks, Joe

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UNIVERSAL 6772A Dip Machine | 13 October, 2014

Have you tried contacting Universal directly for assistance? Their tech support team can be conveniently reached at

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UNIVERSAL 6772A Dip Machine | 14 October, 2014

I am talking with them now. The going is slow and we have not gotten any where yet, but this machine is so old support is no longer available everywhere I have tried so far.

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UNIVERSAL 6772A Dip Machine | 16 October, 2014

Contact me if you need some help or replacement parts. Ed

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UNIVERSAL 6772A Dip Machine | 18 October, 2014

where are you located?

we do still support those machines.

So in PPU when you ping the machine for status is it communicating?

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UNIVERSAL 6772A Dip Machine | 29 October, 2014


Have you resolved this issue?

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