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stencil | 20 November, 2014

Hello, Can anybody tell me what is the life span of a stencil? How many stokes on the stencil is the maximum count to have PREDICTIVE maintenance on the stencil.Thanks

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stencil | 20 November, 2014

I've spoken with a number of Engineers about this subject and there didn't seem to be a consensus number. In my own experience, I found that we were replacing the stencils after approximately 30,000 print strokes. In my predictive maintenance spreadsheet, I prompt a stencil replacement when the stencil is within 5% of it's useable life left, and I set that usable life at 25,000 print strokes.

Hope this helps!

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stencil | 20 November, 2014

Of course I forgot to mention that the number will vary based on the type and thickness of stencil that you're using, type of squeegees, board support, print pressure, and speed.

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stencil | 20 November, 2014

Well the stencil in question have shield components. And this stencil sometimes doesn't even reach 10,000 strokes.As compared with stencil that does not have shield components, the life span seems to be lesser considering that same squeegee, print pressure and speed is being used. I am trying to figure out the predictive maintenance for this type of stencil.thanks

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stencil | 21 November, 2014

Use nano-coating and your stencil will last a-hunnit-fiddy-million cycles.


In reality I cant say that I have ever seen a worn out stencil. Damaged and dinged, but never worn out.

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stencil | 1 December, 2014

Yes nano coating giving the good printing, but the stencil tension is very important for the life, 1st ensure the stencil tension...

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