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Fuji Flexa install

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Fuji Flexa install | 25 November, 2014


I had my flexa computer died I got a new computer a 4 port digi port usb to DB9. I have a CP743 that I can talk to just fine (It uses RJ45 connection). I can not talk to either one of my IP3 or my CP4 I get a nickname error when I try to pull or put proper's in the machine. Has anyone else had this problem or might know a fix.

Thanks David

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Fuji Flexa install | 28 November, 2014

Hi David,

i have exactly the same problem, i think that is the communication center on server that have a problem but i found nothing.... if you solve your problem can you help me too?



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Fuji Flexa install | 1 December, 2014

Ben email me at I still haven't fixed mine but there are a few things I can help you with.

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Fuji Flexa install | 2 December, 2014

Found the problem... The cable pin out needed to be changed at the PC.

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