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Royonics assembly

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Royonics assembly | 26 November, 2014

Does anyone in the U.S. still service these machines or have parts for them?

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Royonics assembly | 10 December, 2014

All sorts of useful info related to PCB and electronic prototypes. Visit or

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Royonics assembly | 11 December, 2014

Don't bother trying to use Rushpcb. I've been waiting a week for a quote, and they won't tell me what the issues are with my data. They say they have to call to talk to me.

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Royonics assembly | 4 March, 2015

We have 4 model nr 2015 and 3 model nr 0.100 machines that we don't need, and you can have cheap, if you are quick.


Harry Landis Intronics Power, Norwood MA

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Royonics assembly | 9 March, 2015


Royonics assembly | 4 October, 2015

As an employee, I was been working for a long time at the Royonic company as an engineer. During that time at Royonic, I did manage the development and the service (also training) for all the Royonic Assembly tables including the 500 systems machines. Now, I handle the complete service for these machines from Royonic.

We gladly take care for you as our customer and carry out service, repair-exchange and repairs as well as training. We have all the necessary parts available.

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Royonics assembly | 20 October, 2015

Is there any kind of light/laser upgrade for the Royonic 2014.0?

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